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Dynamics for Customer Focus

Two day workshop, 8:00am - 4:30pm

This course covers a section on management and another for employees. Change your organization’s behavior from the top down by getting into your customer’s head and utilizing “Outside-In Thinking” throughout your organization! Learn how to differentiate your organization from the competition, close more sales, retain more customers, and create positive word of mouth.

Customer Appreciation Session

Sponsored 3 hour event

Increase the value that your organization brings by paying it forward. Sponsoring a session for your customers, suppliers, and distributors will help them understand the value of having an “outside-in” approach. This increased knowledge will help them grow their business and ultimately strengthen your supply chain and increase your competitive advantage.

The Center for Customer Focus (CCF) facilitators are all accomplished business entrepreneurs who bring personal business experience to the concepts presented.
Best-Practice Learning
As the President and Founder of CCF, Howard Hyden designed a series of best-practice learning resources that continue to inspire some of the most dynamic business concepts
used today. Facilitators lead your organization through his pioneering concept of Customer Focus.
Immediate Value
CCF workshops have a reputation for cultivating organization-wide integration, providing specific goals and solutions, and transforming the culture of the organization as a whole. Participants will learn the value of adding value and walk away with immediately implementable strategies.