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Customer Appreciation Session

Strengthen the chain from beginning to end

This three-hour presentation is offered as a sponsored event by your organization to help your top customers and suppliers, distributors, etc. grow their business by being Customer Focused. Many of our clients have realized and commented that their customers could benefit from understanding what it means to be Customer Focused. By offering this session as an“added value” for their customers, they effectively helped their clients grow their business which, in turn, helped our clients grow their business and differentiated them from the competition.


  • Customer appreciation, retention, and PWOM (positive word of mouth)
  • Increased competitive advantage with a stronger value chain
  • Suppliers and distributors understanding of being Customer Focused
  • A win-win situation: everyone grows their business by being“outside-in”
The purpose of this session is to increase the value that you bring to your supply chain by sponsoring a Customer Focus session for your customers, suppliers, and distributors. Help your customers, suppliers, and distributors understand the value of having an“outside-in” business approach and give your customers an opportunity to grow their business with this knowledge. This increased knowledge will only strengthen your supply chain and increase your competitive advantage.
Who Should Attend?
Your top customers! Thank your top customers by providing this workshop to help grow their business.

Your suppliers, distributors, and anyone else whose service to you may affect your end-user product or service. Unite your resources in the understanding of providing an“outside-in” business approach and collaborate on adding value for your joint interest: the customer.

Workshop Testimonial
I have been working in our industry for over 27 years. I have listened to hundreds of speakers, on hundreds of topics, and taken thousands of pages of notes. When I heard Howard Hyden speak at my local TEC meeting, I thought,“WOW!” I was so impressed with his message that I suggested he speak at our HARDI (Heating, Air conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International) convention. After his presentation there, I knew I had to bring him to Cincinnati to talk to the owners and policymakers of my customers.”

Mark J Faessler
President/ CEO
Progress Supply, Inc.